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Will This Vernis Colour Guide Change The World?

 I typed Vernis Colour Guide inot a blog title generator and it gave me "Will This Vernis Colour Guide Change The World?".  It doesn't make much sense but it was better than "What the Beatles Could Learn from a Vernis Colour Guide." Vernis leather is a coated leather that is shiny and sparkly.  It's my favourite fabric from Louis Vuitton.  So I put this list together so I could see the colours in order of their release dates. This can be helpful especially since there are so many colours.  For example, if you get a gorgeous bright pink vernis bag you might need to look at the date code to see if it's Framboise, Fuchsia, Rose Pop, etc. This list is just what I have gathered from my own purchases as well as other awesome guides on the internet.  This is not a comprehensive or official list.  Please let me know if you have any corrections. Colour Introduced Discontinued Beige 1998 2005 Orange 1998 2002 Baby Blue 1998 2000 Rose/Baby Pink 1999 2000 Red  1999