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All About Louis Vuitton Microchips

In 2019 LVMH launched AURA,  a blockchain consortium platform that tracks their products.    Does Louis Vuitton still have date codes? In Spring of 2021 Louis Vuitton did away with date codes in their bags and started using RFID chips.  What is an RFID Chip? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency identification Chip. These are tiny microchips that store information and that information can be read with an RFID reader . It's like a name tag for the bag. Who can read the Louis Vuitton RFID chip? Only Louis Vuitton has the technology to read these chips properly and they can be read by the staff at the LV boutique.  However, that doesn't mean you can go to the boutique and ask a sales associate to read the chip in your bag.  They will only scan the chip in the event that you are returning the bag - so they can make sure the bag you are returning is the same bag you purchased from them. What about chip reader apps?  These apps can tell you that there IS a chip in the bag and the type of

How to Scan Your LV Bag for a Microchip

In the Spring of 2021 Louis Vuitton started adding RFID microchips to their bags.  You can scan your bag yourself to see if there is a chip in your bag - here's how: STEP 1 - Download the app called NFC Tools . STEP 2  - Click READ STEP 3  - Use your phone and scan your bag. LAST STEP  - If you r bag has a chip some information will pop up.  If you are having your bag professionally authenticated take a screenshot and send it to your authenticator. IMPORTANT - finding an RFID chip in your bag does NOT mean it's authentic. For more information please click here to see the post on LOUIS VUITTON MICROCHIPS .

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you authenticate other brands? No sorry, only Louis Vuitton. 2. What are your prices? $7 usd - Basic Authentication $15 usd - Certificate of Authenticity Click here to see services. 3. What photos are needed for authentication? Click here to see what pics are needed. 4. Do you offer any authentication bundles?  Yes $50 (usd) for 10 Basic Authentications. $110 (usd) for 10 Certificates  These never expire so you can use them at any time.  5. What's the best way to send pictures of my item? Facebook messenger is the quickest way You can also email your inquiries to 6. Where are you located? Authentic Street is located in Canada. 7. What currency do I pay in? Since 99% of my clients are American I keep my business transactions in USD.  You can pay in any currency you like though as long as it equals the USD price. 8.Do you offer other ways to pay besides PayPal? Authentic Street is located in Canada so most

Will This Vernis Colour Guide Change The World?

 I typed Vernis Colour Guide inot a blog title generator and it gave me "Will This Vernis Colour Guide Change The World?".  It doesn't make much sense but it was better than "What the Beatles Could Learn from a Vernis Colour Guide." Vernis leather is a coated leather that is shiny and sparkly.  It's my favourite fabric from Louis Vuitton.  So I put this list together so I could see the colours in order of their release dates. This can be helpful especially since there are so many colours.  For example, if you get a gorgeous bright pink vernis bag you might need to look at the date code to see if it's Framboise, Fuchsia, Rose Pop, etc. This list is just what I have gathered from my own purchases as well as other awesome guides on the internet.  This is not a comprehensive or official list.  Please let me know if you have any corrections. Colour Introduced Discontinued Beige 1998 2005 Orange 1998 2002 Baby Blue 1998 2000 Rose/Baby Pink 1999 2000 Red  1999