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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you authenticate other brands? No sorry, only Louis Vuitton. 2. What are your prices? $7 usd - Basic Authentication $15 usd - Certificate of Authenticity Click here to see services. 3. What photos are needed for authentication? Click here to see what pics are needed. 4. Do you offer any authentication bundles?  Yes $50 (usd) for 10 Basic Authentications. $110 (usd) for 10 Certificates  These never expire so you can use them at any time.  5. What's the best way to send pictures of my item? Facebook messenger is the quickest way You can also email your inquiries to 6. Where are you located? Authentic Street is located in Canada. 7. What currency do I pay in? Since 99% of my clients are American I keep my business transactions in USD.  You can pay in any currency you like though as long as it equals the USD price. 8.Do you offer other ways to pay besides PayPal? Authentic Street is located in Canada so most